How can Help2Grow support your business growth?

Running a Startup or SME can be challenging at the best of times, but taking your business to the next level often takes more than sheer hard work and determination.  Across our team and partners we have vast experience in growing businesses in various sectors, recognising that every organisation faces it's own range of challenges. 

Help2Grow can offer a free audit to your business, enabling us to clarify your goals and objectives and assess what barriers to growth you might be facing.  From there we'll provide our assessment of if and how we can help, including suggestions for 'quick wins' that often won't cost you a penny.     

We'd love to see how Help2Grow could assist your business, regardless of how big the ambitions, or the challenge.  We have experience in helping companies:

  • to systemise their business processes with CRM software to enable growth
  • to build a team that can achieve successful growth
  • benefit from introductions to highly influential mentors and / or coaches
  • with sales support and training
  • develop their operational strategies and planning• with their IT Infrastructure
  • with web design and support
  • successfully introduce measurable digital marketing strategies
  • to develop their branding and strategic partnerships
  • with creating exit strategies and finding potential buyers
  • become 'investment ready' through EIS, SEIS, pitch development and coaching, business planning and more. 
  • streamline costs and enable focus on core business process by outsourcing administrative tasks including telephone answering, booking keeping, virtual PA etc
  • conduct cost audits, ensuring that the business is procuring the best value products and services that it requires.  We have relationships with brokers in various sectors who have saved our clients £thousand's
  • introduce clients who are 'investment ready' to a range of potential funding partners and investors
  • turnaround their businesses through insolvency arrangements
  • with cyber security issues

... and much more.  

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with no obligation, and see if we can help to unlock your business growth potential!